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    The Lakeland Cabin Stuffer has a history of providing local and trustworthy information about the businesses, community groups and organizations that service the Vacationland Area.

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    In the digital age, you might be questioning why you should invest in print advertising at all???


    1. Print advertising is generally seen as more trustworthy than digital due to privacy concerns and established brand recognition of the publication - that's us! #LEGENDARY!
    2. Print can also be an effective method for tapping into a new or local audience because you can get hyper-targeted to the demographics and geography of the readers - that's us! #HYPER-LOCAL!
    3. People are looking for opportunities to unplug! The Cabin Stuffer is the perfect compliment to spark actual conversation during a lunch date, while waiting in a lobby or having coffee around the kitchen table - that's us! #CONVERSATION STARTERS!
    4. The act of holding and reading print creates a tactile experience that helps the brain form connections that increase memory - that's us! #MINDBLOWING!

    The annual publication is hand-delivered to doorsteps of residents, cabin owners, and local establishments in the Lakeland and surrounding area. The long-running publication usually ends up worn and tattered on coffee tables and kitchen counters by the end of the year. Which is a good thing - it means people are reading it!

    Door to door residential delivery in the District of Lakeland (Christopher, Emma, Anglin, McPhee), Town of Waskesiu (PANP), RM of Paddockwood (partial), and Resort Village of Elk Ridge.

    Commercial delivery to high traffic, seasonal and year round businesses in the District of Lakeland, Village of Christopher Lake, RM and Village of Paddockwood, Resort Village of Elk Ridge, Prince Albert National Park (Waskesiu), and Prince Albert.

    General post delivery t to surrounding communities including Christopher Lake Rural & Village, Candle Lake, RM and Village of Paddockwood, Mayview, Meath Park, Albertville, Henriburg, and Spruce Home.

    Our readers choose the Lakeland Cabin Stuffer because they are interested in local content, businesses, and services!

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